Your SkinCare's Not Working???

If you were raised anything like I was skincare was simply washing your face with the soap bathe with and water then you topped it off with some Vaseline or cocoa butter 🥴. That might work for some but we weren't taught how our inner body has a huge effect on our skin, how there's a such thing of overusing products, and the importance of creating a routine surrounding the climate/time of year and your skins needs.

Chile! I know how frustrating it can be to start a new routine with such high hopes of great results and......nothing! Well, Sis, I'm here to let you know that there's more to starting a routine than just grabbing great products, it's also a lifestyle change and understanding your skin. When you feel like your routine's looking shaky ask yourself these 3 questions.


1. What Are You Eating?

Listen, I want a #5 from Whataburger right now! But, I know if I indulge too much, the congregation will be able to tell from the crazy breakout that will appear days later. No amount of salicylic acid will reverse breakouts if you're not willing to reverse your diet. Your skin is a reflection of your hormones and gut health, try to stay away or limit your intake of dairy, sugar, and grease. I'm not saying go vegan, be a bit more mindful of your diet.


2. Does Your Skin Need A Break?

Ok, let's keep it simple, sometimes we just do too much! Skincare additives are great, I always push for a good serum but, the key is to know when to layer, how to layer, and when to let your skin chill. By chill, I mean just the simple 3 step routine when you notice your skin is doing the fool to allow your skin to reset and balance out.


3. Is It Time To Switch It Up?

What if I told you your skincare routine has not stopped working? It's just time to stimulate the skin differently. When starting a skincare routine, you typically pick products depending on your skin‘s needs at the moment. Usually, you achieve great results then, you may begin to see a plateau. This is because the products have done their job at this point and, now you're maintaining the results. For some this was their goal but, for others, it's time to reevaluate your routine; this means introducing more amazing ingredients based on your needs at the moment. When deciding to change your routine, it does not mean you have to get rid of your favorite products completely, you can pick them back up later, this is what we call "Routine Ration". The skin cycle lasts about 30 days, which is the best time to reevaluating your skin to see if your routine is still achieving noticeable results or if it's time to switch it up. It is also important to consider the change of weather, which has an impact as well. This is why we offer our Monthly kits and our Skin 1-on-1's so that you can stay on top of your skin's needs and have the right routine for continuous results.

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